HCENAT team organised a workshop on technology assessment of cognitive enhancement

In February 2015 we have organised our first project workshop on technology assessment of human cognitive enhancement. The workshop was integrated into the 2nd European TA Conference of PACITA project.

The aim of the workshop was to discuss ethical, social and political issues of HCE at the EU level. The participants of PACITA conference come from different backgrounds and include policy makers, scientists, the HCE industry, NGOs and potential user groups whose comments and feedback represent valuable input for elaborating policy recommendations in the future.

The keynote speeches were given by Bjørn Hofmann from University College of Gjøvik (Goodness Without Goals: What Is a Good Enhancement?), and Anders Sandberg from University of Oxford (The Exoself: the Extended or Stretched Human?).

The HCENAT project was introduced to the participants in the poster session as well. Iveta Fajnerová (National Institute of Mental Health, Prague) presented the experimental part of the project focused on cognitive and structural changes in brain after long-term use of smart glasses.

Keynotes abstracts and workshop description
Human Cognitive Enhancement – Personality, Ethics & Cognition (Poster) 

Berlin 2015
Anders Sandberg is speaking to representatives of all HCENAT partners.

Berlin 2015
Jan Romportl is chairing the workshop.

Berlin 2015
A discussion - Bjørn Hofmann, Jan Romportl, Anders Sandberg & Ellen‐Marie Forsberg. 

Berlin 2015
Iveta Fajnerová is presenting the poster.